3" Speyco Trout reels

After having received many emails asking for a 3" classic styled click and pawl trout reel for  3 / 4 wt. rods and  a 4 /5 wt wide.  I did what I have always have done just  ask the fishermen directly what they would like to see in a  new reel. I absolutely believe that the fishermen should have a say in the characteristics of the product they will be using. The response was tremendous and the information both highly personal and simply invaluable. I have gathered several reels worth of information, and I've pulled together some of the most common characteristics sought after to create the the Single Spey Trout Reel, which is my introductory trout style reels.

   Boasting a quad based Hexad checking system with 112 clicks per revolution it just "purrs like a little kitten" . I worked very hard on the sound and feel of this reel more so than any other. I believe with this reel, I am closer to my goal of making some of the finest and most affordable U.S.A. made click and pawl reels available today.

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3" Speyco trout reel Brass face Snake roll

*Narrow Spool O.D. 2 1/2" - Gap 5/8" - Arbor O.D. 1" 4.5 OZ
 *Wide spool 3/4"  5.1 OZ

* right or left hand retrieve.

 * Hexad Checking 

*  100% RUST FREE

* Lifetime limited warranty for the original owner.